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The $20/$20 Challenge

November 2nd-8th: Ecker Center for Behavioral Health
November 9th-15th: Habitat for Humanity of the Northern Fox Valley
November 16th-22nd: PADS of Elgin
November 23rd-29th: Food for Greater Elgin

It’s no secret that 2020 has been a gamechanger for us at Children’s Theatre of Elgin. We never thought we’d go an entire year without a live performance, without gathering a 100 member cast to learn and grow together, and without seeing you all in the audience. It has been a roller coaster of a year for us, and we thank you so much for hanging in there with us as we work to pivot and keep serving our community in new ways through virtual workshops, classes, and even trivia nights! We are still able to bring wonderful experiences to people because of support from you. Thank you. 

As we at CTE discussed heading into our fall fundraising season, we wanted to do something that made sense this year, that would help not just us but our whole community, and show that we know and understand there is a real need to come together. We have weathered 2020 because we have an incredible support system, and we want this year’s giving season to pay it forward, and help not only us but also some amazing human services organizations that are working around the clock to help meet people’s needs during this crisis.

So, we are excited to announce our $20/$20 Campaign! We will highlight a different human services organization each week. When you give that week, half your gift will go to CTE, and half will be given to that designated organization. (There will be a quick and easy online form so you can make other specifications about your gift if you wish!) We encourage a $40 gift, to show that $20/$20 can be a positive number after all!

A Statement from CTE/FVTC

James Baldwin, the world-renowned playwright, author, and activist, states, “Not everything faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” 

At CTE/FVTC, we firmly believe that it is our mission to harness the power of the theatre to connect people, change lives, and broaden perspectives. For over thirty years, the Children’s Theatre of Elgin and Fox Valley Theatre Company has sought to bring positive, meaningful experiences to children, families, and members of our community. Today, we see that community shaken and challenged, and so we assert that our organization must publicly rise up in support of our community and the values for which we have always stood

In a world actively struggling with the effects of racism, exclusivity, and divisiveness, we at CTE/FVTC affirm the rights of each individual to make their voice heard. We stand with those peacefully advocating for the difficult but necessary changes required for our community by speaking out against racial inequality. As a company, we denounce systemic racism and prejudice and are proud to see our community, both in and out of the CTE/FVTC family, peacefully demonstrating against those injustices.

We at CTE/FVTC are seeking to better understand that the theatre is not immune to these injustices. We also understand and celebrate the theatre’s innate ability to break barriers, connect diverse communities, and develop the hearts and minds of our students. As our nation navigates this crucial movement and necessary changes, we will strive to use theatre as a way to build relationships, ignite discussion, and create empathy for others. We will work to ensure that CTE/FVTC is a place where all individuals have an equitable opportunity to learn, grow, and enrich their lives. We hope that you will join us in this essential endeavor.

We must do more. We must lean into uncomfortable, yet necessary conversations regarding equity and visibility. We must work harder to not only stand against injustice, but also provide a safe and encouraging space for all young artists, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, and all other personal forms of identity. 

We recognize that change needs to happen, and CTE/FVTC pledges to be a part of that change. We will begin as an executive board to look at ourselves, our organization, and our commitment to our community in order to highlight diverse voices and produce family-friendly, quality theatre that continually demonstrates our commitment to you, our valued students and audiences. We acknowledge this will be hard work, but necessary and vital in order to create a better future for those we serve. 

To all who experience discrimination and suffering, to every ally, and to every student who needs to express their unique voice: we invite you to join us at our table. Our hearts and minds are open to your stories.

Children’s Theatre of Elgin/Fox Valley Theatre Company Board of Directors

Artwork by @rallybirdbrand

Help CTE With COVID-19 Relief. Donate Today!

All of us at CTE miss our wonderful family of cast members, audience members, and friends! We look forward to seeing you at a performance again soon!

Our producers and volunteers work so incredibly hard to make sure that CTE is able to support itself with each show, and now since we unfortunately had to cancel the April and June shows, we’re looking at pretty substantial challenges financially as an organization. So, if you are able to, we are looking to you, our wonderful family of supporters to help CTE through this difficult time. Whatever amount you can give to CTE right now, it will help us make sure we’re all set and ready to create another fantastic show when we can all get together again! Thank you so much, and stay safe!

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2020 – 21 Season

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“Words cannot express how much my daughter took away from this experience! She made some great friends, learned, and her passion for musical theater has grown.”

Cast parent

“My students loved it. For many, it was the first play/musical they have ever seen on stage. Since they had no frame of reference, they kept thinking we were going to see a movie. They loved the play and could not stop talking about it! “


“CTE does an incredible job! They set the bar high and the kids rise to it. I love that so many kids are included in the productions and each child feels like a star.”

Audience member