children's theatre of elgin / fox valley theatre company

Children’s Theatre of Elgin (CTE) was founded in 1988 by brothers Peter and David Akemann in response to a community need for performing arts opportunities that allowed for casting every child who was willing to work hard. Originally partnering with the City of Elgin Recreation Department, CTE soon became an established Elgin-based Illinois 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization in-residence at the Elgin Community College Arts Center. The company provides young artists and the community dynamic, family-friendly theatrical experiences.

In 1993, Fox Valley Theatre Company (FVTC) was added for young people ages 14-20 years as an affiliate of CTE to continue services to older participants and provide an advanced acting and vocal focus.

The two theatre companies are governed by a single board of directors, comprised of:
Executive Board – this includes the Board president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer.
Members at Large – Prospective board members are required to complete a producer-training course
Artistic Directors – volunteers with a background in music and/or theatre, who serve to advise the Board

Auxiliary members – A non-voting Auxiliary Board handles publicity, set and costume shops, group sales, and equipment management. The Auxiliary Board members do not attend Board meetings.

Director of Operations – The Director of Operations handles the day-to-day management of the organization, and serves to execute the decisions of the Board. The Director of Operations attends Board meetings, but does not vote.

Duties of the Board
Board members serve as producers for CTE/FVTC’s productions. Each individual is required to complete a Producer Class before accepting a Board position. In this way, they become familiar with the organizational structure and the process of bringing a large-scale production to the stage before embarking as full-fledged producers.
Board members meet regularly to discuss and vote upon the operations of the organization. The Board is responsible for the financial, artistic, and overall well-being of the organization.

Producer Job Description
Job Description:
The Producer is ultimately responsible for the entire production, including the financial performance. Producer should ensure that the production breaks even or generates a modest gain as dictated by the Board. Each Board member, except the President and Treasurer, are responsible for acting as Producer for one show every two years. The duties of a Producer include creating a show budget, approving all show expenses, hiring independent contractors for the show (such as Show Director, Choreographer, etc), attending production meetings, serving as the final decision-maker when conflicts arise, and working for the overall success of the show. Each Producer has the chance to shadow another Producer before they produce their first show.

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