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Or submit a check via snail mail to 1700 Spartan Drive H104, Elgin, IL 60123

YOU can play a principal role at CTE!

Donor gifts make it possible for us to provide thousands of young people with outstanding theatrical experiences not otherwise attainable.

You can give as an individual or in the name of your business. Some sponsor levels include free tickets, and program ads reach 2,000+ people at each production.

Won’t you help sustain the quality and affordability of CTE programs by donating today?



We want to thank all of our wonderful sponsors and donors for all they do for us through their generosity. Thank you also to everyone who donated anonymously through our Facebook fundraisers on Giving Tuesday. We are truly grateful for those gifts, and for the ones listed below. Thank you for keeping the curtain up for CTE!

VIP’s ($500 or More)

Brilliant Arts
Carin Cadek and Brian Shue
David Comings and Ginny Becker Comings
Doug and Jen Dienelt
The Groth Family
Cindy Kline
Amelia LeTourneau
Katrina Means
Rich Minaglia
Sara J Solem

Benefactors ($250-$499)

Carole and Paul Burris
Allison Cherry
Greg and Bev Cherry
The Coats Compound
Melissa and Jeff Downey
Mary and Nevin Dulabaum
Carlton and Madeline Kellenberger
Diana Martinez
Tracy Shue
Travis Solberg
Farrah and Patrick Stephen
Chrstine Tosun

Patrons ($150-$249)

Katarzyna Acevedo
Stacey Anderson
Raphael and Shirlann Boghosian
Keith Brill
Mr. and Mrs. John Gage
Christine Gandor
Cari Gesiakowski
Elizabeth Gleason
Colleen Heffernan
Amanda Kelly
Stephanie Keo Phu
Mary McCarthy
Elizabeth Niemeier
Beth and Steve Olson
Jennifer Pearl
Brian Randolph
Margie Ward

Friends ($50-$149)

Margaret Alexander
Timothy Arbulu
Alison Baker
Marissa Begun
Marc Bennett
Emily Bernhardson
Amy Bouque
Deborah Burns
Kathleen Cooney
Suzan Damron
Dr. Rocio del Castillo
Christine Donohue
Catie Early
John and Mary Early
Lisa Eby
Ryan Fasano
James Fletcher
Madeline Franklin
Melissa Graf
Diane Heaphy
Pablo Hernandez
Guadalupe Hernandez
Nancy Hunt
Gina Kaur
Gloria Kellenberger
Emma Koenig
Renee Krause
Debra Larue
Claribel Lascano
Shannon Lesko
Rheem Lock
Ravi Malkani
Lisa Marino
Donna Mastricola
Jeffrey Meglin
Gary Michelson
Sharon Mietus
Tammy Mrotek
Paula Neybert
Todd and Lucy Niemeier
Bahri Ozmen
Bill Padula
Stephan Panek
Lynn Pittner
Alana Placzkowski
Cindy Sanchez
Marlene Sparks
Dylan Urban
Jocelyn Vanderweil
Ralph Wals
Jonathan Young
Kimberlee Ziga

Encouragers (Up to $49)

Vito Barbanente
John Boline
Monica Colamatteo
Kelly Conner
Lexi Dahlberg
Pamela Delaney
Lorena Driscoll
Kyla Duewel
Nicole Eckersberg
Katie Elliot
Leslee Fivelson
Melissa Guzman
Gabriela Harmon
Michael Hatt
Janice Helton
Erica Jiminez
Emily Krasinski
Barbara Lewis
Aimee and Mark Novelli
Jennifer Oshana
Tiffany Reed
Jennifer Reilly
Alyssa Satterfield
Diane Schael
George Scheflow
Jeanine Stricker
California Surfcraft
Aimee Teslaw
Mary van Slyck
Frania Watrous
Amy Wisinski
Rosaria Zambetti


We value being a member of the Elgin and surrounding communities, and we are grateful for the support of these local businesses. Thank you for partnering with us to make the Elgin and Fox Valley area a great place to live!


Elgin Community College Arts Center
EFS Foundation
Grand Victoria Foundation
Elgin Cultural Arts Commission
Palmer Foundation
Elgin Community College Arts Center
EFS Foundation
Grand Victoria Foundation
Elgin Cultural Arts Commission
Palmer Foundation