children's theatre of elgin / fox valley theatre company



Checks with memo “Sound Fundraiser” can be mailed to Children’s Theatre of Elgin, 1700 Spartan Dr, Elgin IL 60123

New sound equipment has been a long overdue wishlist item for CTE/FVTC. We appreciate the hard work, long hours, and commitment that our cast members and their families put into CTE. And, when a cast member takes a deep breath, opens their mouth, and delivers their big line after so many months of hard work, we want them to be heard!

CTE has worked with outdated sound equipment as longs as we could, but with changes in technology, less airwave space available for microphone channels, and general wear-and-tear on our sound instruments, we just couldn’t wait any longer. So we are THRILLED to announce that we have purchased $15,000 worth of new sound equipment that will be unveiled starting with this show! This includes:

  • $9,538 for 8 new microphone belt-packs and microphones receivers
  • $1,279 for a battery rack and charging station
  • $2,470 for new antennae distribution system
  • $1,096 for new cables, racks, and cases
  • $615 for shipping

Thankfully, half of this cost is ALREADY COVERED by our friends at the Community Foundation of the Fox River Valley, who have given us a generous grant of $7,500 to cover part of the expense as a matching grant.


Our goal this spring is to raise the remaining $7,500 for this project. Will you help us?


We are launching this campaign this weekend with our opening of Jack, so you can hear this new equipment in action! Please join us and give what you can today, and help us celebrate this amazing new step for our company!