children's theatre of elgin / fox valley theatre company


Participating in over 40 shows as a performer, director and choreographer, Sarah Robertson is no stranger to the CTE/FVTC way of life! 25 years of time on stage and behind the scenes has given her great perspective on her life in the theatre.

“I LOVED performing in CTE shows. CTE is what truly helped give me an extraordinary childhood. I loved when we had two school shows in one day. We would get done performing, rush to eat lunch and get ready to do it all over again. It was busy and exciting and I had the time of my life. I will say, however, all of that joy I had performing, pales in comparison to the joy I get from working on a show.

Watching kids perform a dance or a scene that I helped them work on is incredible. After weeks of encouraging them and teaching them how to perform, there is no greater feeling than watching them step on the stage and succeed. I remember in the Summer Show years ago, probably 2010 or 2011, CTE put on Camp Glee. It was the first time I saw a dance I choreographed performed on a CTE stage. It was also the first time I witnessed first-hand the joy that theater brought to a group of kids I worked with. It is a remarkable feeling. CTE has also given me an extraordinary adulthood.”

She does have her favorites from her time with our company:

CTE show – Beauty and the Beast

FVTC show – Grease

As part of the production team – The Legend of Hercules

Sarah credits CTE with much of who she is today. Her first opportunity to work directly with kids, Sarah learned how to communicate with young people and encourage them to do hard and scary things. Now she’s a mom of two young children and a science teacher at Dundee-Crown High School. CTE gave her confidence and the ability to think quickly on her feet.


“CTE was my home away from home as a kid, and sometimes as an adult too. It was always an inclusive space in which I could be myself. CTE fosters friendships, and life long bonds. I love the organization with my whole heart. I am thrilled that it continues to spread give young people the gift of art and love.”