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Instructions for using CTE’s new account login

Now you can easily and securely manage multiple students with our new user login. Here’s how it works:

First of all, select the “Create Account” button.

Create a family account (or student account if age 18 or older)

  • Select a username and password and provide an accurate email address
  • Add your household name (e.g., The Smith Family)
  • Check the box to prove you’re a real person then select “Register”

Add or manage students from your Household Account

  • Log in with username and password to get to the Household Dashboard
  • For a brand new student, go to the “Register a New Student” box and select “Go to General Registration” and complete the form
  • For an existing student, go to the “Add Existing Student” box, type in the CTE ID and select “Add”
  • After students are added to the family account, they will appear on the Household Dashboard
  • Select “Edit Student Information” for each student to update contact, address, or school information
  • Note: Edits will update only one student record at a time
  • A student can be added to multiple accounts or removed at any time

To sign up for an audition or workshop

  • Go to the Audition Registration or Workshop Registration page
  • Login to the family account
  • Select student and the event you wish to register for, then “Proceed to Registration”
  • If student’s name is not on the list, go to “My Account” at the top of the page and add new or existing students as needed, then return to the registration page

Ready to register? Go for it!